Drink For Change

We make it easier for you to choose health!

Our Whole Leaf Brewing Technology© increases polyphenols and supports an active lifestyle

Silverback provides streamlined focus and physical energy without the crash. Enjoy an innovative, full-flavor beverage that is all natural and low sugar.

Your purchase helps change lives around the world too! A minimum of $1/barrel is donated toward entrepreneurship training in Rwanda, where we source our tea. When people are not able to meet their basic needs, our entire planet suffers. 

Our Story

Silverback was invented by Sara Delaney, the founder of our parent company, 3 Mountains. She was determined to create a fun and healthy non-alcoholic beverage that people could drink in breweries or at home.

Sara found that the caffeine source in the rare tea that she was importing from Rwanda was a steady stream of focus, did not have the same side effects as energy drinks and her recipes were a big hit.

Today Silverback is hitting mainstream markets and is positioned for national commercial success.

Learn more about our company's social impact and watch for Sara's recent Ted Talk titled "It Takes A Village." 

Hire Sara to speak at your next event.