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1. What is Silverback?

A fun, healthy and nonalcoholic beverage that you can drink at breweries and at home. Naturally energizing with a base of camellia sinensis tea leaves. We use a whole leaf brewing technology so not only are you getting a great-tasting beverage, but you are also benefiting from the antioxidants, amino acids, omegas and slow-release polyphenol naturally occurring in tea. 

Lightly carbonated and available in four unique varieties. Silverback is disrupting the cold tea category with this ground-breaking flavor profile coupled with a unique impact where we source our tea, in Rwanda.

2. Why do you have a gorilla on the can?

Our founder lived in Rwanda in 2009 and her life was forever changed. She had the great opportunity to spend time in the jungle with the endangered Virunga Mountain Gorillas. These majestic animals teach us to live fearlessly and to harness the power of nature. Experience the fierce resilience in a can of Silverback!

3. What is the connection to Rwanda?

The primary ingredients we use in Silverback - white, black, silver and green teas - are sourced directly from Rwanda. East African tea is rising in popularity due to the prime growing climate and premium quality. Our founder has been developing relationships with the people of Rwanda since 2007 and leads an annual crop to cup tour each year.

4. Why is it energizing?

The camellia sinensis tea plant offers a host of functional benefits and offers one of the best caffeine qualities available. The caffeine in tea contains L-theanine, an important amino acid.

While we do not claim to cure or prevent any diseases, or guarantee exceptional mental clarity and physical stamina, there are many online resources that document the valuable plant properties. 

5. How is this different than other cold tea drinks?

Unlike many teas in a bottle, Silverback is made using real tea leaves which have been grown without pesticides and minimally processed. This provides the best flavor and the most health benefits. We do not use tea concentrates or tea powders. All of the Silverback flavors are made without refined sugars and are low calorie, with very few ingredients but just enough to provide a unique and modern spin on what you thought iced tea was supposed to taste like.

6. How much caffeine is in Silverback?

Silverback offers 4 different flavors, each with caffeine content ranging from 35-85 mg. There is actually more caffeine in tea leaves than coffee (before brewing) and your body absorbs it differently.

7. Where can I buy it?

Silverback is available through our online store, through local delivery partners in Western NC, and through our incredible retail partners on the East Coast of the United States. New stores are being added every day to our Where to Buy map so please stay tuned!

8. Where can I try it on draft?

Currently Silverback on Tap™ is available for distribution in North Carolina. Contact us for an updated list and to request this nonalcoholic option for your local brewery or restaurant. 

9. How can I sell it in my shop, brewery, restaurant?

Please complete the Wholesale Inquiry Form and let us know who your preferred distributors are or if you would like to work directly with us, and we will do everything we can to provide you with product.

10. Where do you make Silverback?

3 Mountains, the parent company for Silverback Beverage, is headquartered in Asheville, NC and our production facility is in Canton, NC.

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